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Friday Renewal

Do you too have moments in which you ask/say to yourself, ‘how blessed am I?’  How blessed am I to receive such abundance, to enjoy beautiful spring Kentucky weather, to have family …

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Streets of Pink

Spring has arrived!  After nearly a week of rain and chilly weather, today we are enjoying sunshine, blue skys and flowering trees. Walks in the neighborhood, bunny puppets, groomed Goldens …

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Spunk and Love

My Grandma Letha is a spunky gal.  Always has been and, I suspect, always will be.  One of my favorite stories of her is that she was the lone cheerleader …

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What I’m Loving Today

Every day offers me tastes of renewal…if I open to it.  Here’s my list of what I’m noticing–and loving!–today… pink fuzzy flip flops a call with my own coach, Lerae …

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