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a Miscellany of Small Escapes


“Promise to stay wild with me.  We’ll seek and return and stay and find beauty and the extraordinary in all the spaces we can claim.  We’ll know how to live.  How to breathe magic into the mundane.”  Victoria Erickson

I have spent lifetimes creating retreat.  Behind my bedroom door.  In the closet.  Up the tree behind my Grandma’s house.  In my diary.  At the beach and the coffee shop and that cafe in Sweden while the snow swirled outside.

I gift retreat.  I go on retreat with my soul sisters.  I crafted a Saturday afternoon of letter writing and wish making for my love and I to call in our firstborn.  I circle for blessing ways and brave hearts.

Retreat = Ritual.  Honor.  Excavation.

It also equals rest, surprise, escape.

And I need it like I need water or oxygen.  I need it on the special occasions.  I need it when I don’t have time or money.  I need it when I don’t even know I need it.



Maybe you need retreat, too.

If you have a Provisions deck, you are in luck.  I’ve just made a list of 13 ways to escape.  Mini retreats created from the Provisions deck of cards.  Free for you to download here.

Because we dream of lake retreats and circles at Big Sur.  Because we are deserving.  Because we are tired.  Because we are dreamers, and explorers, mothers, and lovers.  Because it’s time.

Retreat with me?


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