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Friday Renewal

Do you too have moments in which you ask/say to yourself, ‘how blessed am I?’  How blessed am I to receive such abundance, to enjoy beautiful spring Kentucky weather, to have family and friends in my life….and, to be living into my life vision?

This morning, I enjoyed a bartered massage with Kelly at the Hara Center ( and then stayed for hatha yoga and potluck community lunch.  The Hara Center is a special place and is birthing itself as we speak.  Kelly is creating a Center for a community of healing arts practitioners to share space, create events and experiences together, and to enrich the community.  With a babe herself, she welcomes kiddos to nearly all activities and today was no exception.  Our yoga class was delighted with 19 month old Chloe, who pranced around, cooed, and sat on her yogi mama’s lap….before welcoming her 15 month old friend, India, to join us for lunch.  Lunch too was divine…salad, rice and beans, veggies and hummus.

I have to admit that I almost felt guilty devoting a morning to yummy self-care when I had piles of work to do before the weekend comes.  But, so much of life in the last year has overshadowed mornings like this:  blessed, fill-me-up, soulful self-care and community.  How and why do I ever allow myself to go so long without days like this?  Remind me, dear readers!  I think the lesson for me today is to once again practice what I preach:  self- renewal.

And now I’m off to continue this incredible, nourishing day!  After picking up Harper early from daycare, we’ll head north to visit family for the weekend.  Mom has gifted me with tickets for a date to the Indigo Girls concert and Dad will be fishing with Harper for the evening.  Mmmmm…so much abundance, eh?

Have a beautiful weekend yourself…and here’s one more shot of the gorgeous tree across the street–I just can’t resist sharing!!


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