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Archive: May 2009

Renewal from Another Perspective

What does renewal look and feel like to a four year old? Days in the sandbox, walks with Papa, stories at bedtime…what a reminder!  The little things… the connecting moments, …

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What I’m Loving Right Now

It’s easy for me to get so preoccupied with what I call the daily-ness of life, that I lose sight of what I am loving in the present moment.  When …

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Accepting Help

This morning, I opened Janet Quinn’s I Am a Woman Finding My Voice to the message “I Am a Woman Accepting Help.”  What most resonated with me was this passage: In …

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Family Time

We have been blessed with nearly a month of Saturdays devoted to family time as Joe takes a break from his MBA classes.  It has been so delicious to have …

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Claiming Space

Although we moved into our new home in late January, I still feel like I am getting oriented to the space and feel of the space.  Our second abode in …

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Renewal Out and About

This morning, I enjoyed hosting an exhibit booth at the Women’s Health Fair sponsored by Family Scholar House here in Louisville.  I had so much fun creating a booth of …

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Happy Day

Happy Day to all the Mama’s out there!  We just returned from a slow walk down to the park to throw rocks in the creek, play at the playground, and …

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A Dose of Love

This morning, I was blessed to begin my day with two lovely surprises.  I happened to visit two blogs that often offer an inspiring kick-start to my day and both …

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Renewal in Unlikely Ways

So.  We had high hopes for our Saturday.  It was the first weekend in weeks when Joe, my husband, was off from school.  We actually had an entire weekend for …

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Easy Does It

During the throes of transition in the last two years, I noticed myself saying “this is going to be hard…I’m struggling with fill-in-the-blank…this is difficult.”  While many moments were indeed …

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