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Wherever you stand, be the soul of that place. Rumi

It’s been 14 days since the first session of Camp.

The twinkle lights are still hanging across the fireplace.

A pile of mason jars sit stacked atop the hutch.

The cupcakes are long since gone–the wine, too.

But my walls echo with songs.  My living room glows still with their open hearts and her stories of change and the kids hiding behind the sofa while she plays.

My patio still crackles with a circle around the fire pit.

And every night I pass a wall of dreamers on my way to bed.


Saying this way.  Saying we are all in this together.  Saying you are not alone.  Saying yes, this.  Saying keep going.

I wish I had a hundred pictures to post of that night, but I don’t.

I was lost in being present.  Immersed in the truth of #thisdreamismorethanyou.  Following my devotion.

And, so it is.


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