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Archive: April 2014

it’s a blog tour!

When I was invited by my friend Michelle to join in a blog tour, I immediately said yes.  No matter that I had only been back to blogging a few …

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truth telling

“She was beautiful.  but she was beautiful in the way a forest fire was beautiful.” author unknown Today is for truth-telling.  And so today it’s time to talk about these lips. …

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40 ways to get your groove back

This is for the days when you need an advocate, too. Here’s a list of tips and tricks gathered from advocates all around.  Advice from the trenches on how to …

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pot stirrers and conduits

There are shades of advocacy. Every day moments. You and me, choosing moment by moment, to speak. Or listen.  Or write.  Or do something. To call the teacher and ask …

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