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Dreams Embodied


I’ve had muses before.

First there was Laura.  Then Anastasia Krupnik.  And Jane Pratt from Sassy magazine.

There was Ani and Liz and Tori and Alannis.

There was Sugar.

The ones who have shaped me and guided me.  The ones who lit me up.  The ones who whispered in my ear and in my dreams.

I’ve just put the finishing touches on my Field Book for Dreamers and I’ve been calling on my muses.  Including my muse of today.

She is who I am becoming.  She is calling me forward.  I think she damn near wrote the 20-page Field Book in an afternoon.

And she wants me to share one page with you.  An adventure, an invitation, a challenge.  Page 12, the Dream Embodied.  The page that asks you, dreamer, to become your own muse, too.

Who will you be when you reach your dream? You are She and She is You. She is the You that you need to be. That your dream needs you to be. The You that is waiting to come to life.


Find her. Access her. Become her. Embody her.


Directions: Name the details of the You that will make this dream happen. Who is she? How is she? What does she wear and when does she wake? What is her breakfast? Who is her confidante? Think about this You. Sketch her out below. Go wild with the details. Don’t skip any area of her life. Take note of her head to toe. Spill about her morning breakfast and her evening prayer. Name her favorite essential oil and signature drink. Describe her play list and her last dinner party. Interview her like it’s your job.


Extra bonus points: Spend a day in the life of this You. Dress like her and live like her and make decisions like her. Act as if. Start the dream.

If you want more, sign up for a Call of the Wild and all 20 pages of the Field Book are yours!



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