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Go gently home.

In the dark and under stars, step over the threshold.

Paint the picture of safe in the gray.

Tangle legs under soft blankets.IMG_2335

Sip slowing.

Bathe with songstress singing.

Dance naked in the mirror.

Place balm to heart and solar plexus.

IMG_2301Adorn arms with bangles and arrows.

Stroke the curl of her new hair.

Listen wide open to his words.

Commune over chocolate.

Gaze softly.

Pull a card to guide your spirit.

Write to remember.

Breathe in again the violet and frankincense and vetimer.

Send your prayers back to mama ocean. IMG_2437

Look for feathers.

Feel the love that spreads across our brave hearts.

Hallelujah!  These are days.


Go gently.


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