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bits and pieces

Oh what a week it’s been…filled with connecting, creating, claiming and choosing.  Filled with magic.

It’s been so filled to the brim that for now I’m dosing out bits and pieces of what’s filling me up this afternoon.

I spent three days at the KDVA/KASAP Annual Conference.  It was delightful to meet up with advocates I have known over a decade, as well as advocates I am meeting now for the first time.  On Tuesday morning, I decided to join a group already formed the day before, a group that was writing a play for conference-goers on Thursday morning.  Yep, we wrote and produced and performed a play in three days (one day for me!)!  Between leading two workshops, hosting a booth, and meeting colleagues during an evening reception, I crafted three monologues for the play, Your Story is My Story, inspired and directed by my dear friend, Christy.  This was a turning point for me, which I’ll tell you more about next week.

As I prepared for my workshop Inspired Service, I happened upon this beautiful piece by Kelly Rae Roberts, an artist and writer whose blog I frequent almost daily.  I asked Kelly if I could share her piece in my presentation and she graciously agreed.  Thank you Kelly Rae! 

Today I am unpacking, physically and emotionally from this feast of a week.  It’s been a big one.  Momentous in that I am finding my way again with my work.  And it seems to happen most easily when I am connecting with deep love, connecting in my own authentic voice, connecting by boldly telling my own true tales.  And even though I did not write about the final two chapters of Martha Beck’s The Joy Diet, I realized that I just did.  Connection.  Feasting.  Sh-boom! 

P.S.  I came across these two inspiring goodies this morning:  Goddess Leonie’s Radiant Goddess e-course and this superhero necklace.  Don’t they look and sound yummy?

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