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vacation 019

It’s Wishcasting Wednesday once again over at Jaime Ridler Studios.  Today she asks, ‘what do you wish to experience?’

Here’s what comes to mind this morning for me:

  • peace with what is
  • a walk on the beach
  • a return visit to Manka’s Inverness Lodge with my hubby
  • deep delight
  • farmer’s market omelets this Saturday morning
  • one more day as an eight year old in the little green Indiana farm house I grew up in
  • an afternoon of card-playing with my grandparents
  • juicy learning, like with the Mondo Beyondo course or this retreat
  • a long lunch at The Attic with my dear friend, Lindsay
  • more work that matters, like the retreat I co-led with 13 formerly incarcerated survivors of domestic violence [their choice of title]
  • treasure-hunting with my friend Christy to decorate my new home with funky style
  • an eating tour of Paris
  • the experience of being a new mom once again
  • a luscious retreat in Big Sur or here
  • a lingering meal at The French Laundry
  • the creation of a community and sacred creative space for advocates/changemakers/dogooders to be inspired
  • a visit to the infamous commune, The Farm
  • the co-creation of a weekend retreat extravaganza for advocates with rock stars like Havi, Danielle and Susannah
  • travel around the country like the Wanderlusters with my fam

I could go on and on.  But I’ll never get this posted if I do.

What do you wish to experience?

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