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wishcasting–on Thursday!


image from Jamie Ridler,

Our wishcasting question on Wednesday was this:  what luxury do you wish for? 

What fun!

Here’s what tops my list today:

  • the airstream, of course!
  • traveling back to Inverness, Ca to stay at Manka’s for a second honeymoon with my hubby
  • a kitchen makeover from say, perhaps Candice of Divine Design
  • a retreat at Kripalu to rejuvenate
  • a nanny so that my little guy can spend time close by while I work (or travel along in the airstream?)
  • a CSA membership from our local farmers–this year was so yummy!
  • fresh flowers from the farmer’s market this Saturday
  • Aveda shampoo and conditioner–the smells alone are luxury
  • a massage
  • a trip to San Diego with Harper to visit my sister and maybe even Legoland?
  • a visit with Stacy and Clinton…I’m in need of a fashion makeover that nails my style and spirit (I’ve been in Mommy gear a wee bit too long)
  • another session with Hiro or coaching with Havi
  • registration for next year’s Squam art workshops and Chris Z’s teacher training program
  • what else?

The dreaming could go on and on.  Try it for yourself. 

What I notice in this list is that some of them are just splurges, the extras that might make life a bit more luxurious.  Many of them are about community and connecting…with my loved ones, with other creative spirits, with my self.  Several of them are about growing and stretching and learning.  It feels like the themes bubbling up for me are around beauty, connectedness and health.  

And I think these are the things I am longing for more of these days.  Even though I have abundance of them already, I am longing for more.  And I’m okay with that.  In fact, I’m reveling in these revelations that my spirit is asking me to kick it up a notch!

What can you find in your own list? 

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