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Retreat Goodness, part 2

So this week continues to be a bit of a blur as I merge from retreat “time” to daily living.  One of the greatest challenges has simply been being separated from the amazing women in my retreat circle.  Let me tell you about a few of them…

  • So, I’ve already told you about the retreat leaders, Jennifer and Havi.  Go visit them asap, if you haven’t already!
  • I shared rides with Wendy, Gail and Patsi.  Wendy is a technology and business coach in California; we were the young mommies of the group.  I so enjoyed her wit, down-to-earth approach to things, and honesty.  Gail is an aging coach from Ohio.  I love her tagline, “not your grandparents’ aging!” She is absolutely dear and I am eager for us to plan a few Artist Dates this year by meeting halfway between Granville and Louisville.  Patsi Krakoff rounded out our traveling posse; she flew in from Mexico.  After an incredible career that took her from social work in LA to writing and modeling in Paris before leading the Blog Squad, she is dazzling in her personal writing these days;  Stay tuned, I tell you!
  • My roommate, Christina Frei, and I enjoyed chatting in bed after evening council.  We’d share what we had experienced over the day’s activities as well as questions, intuitive hits and collage reviews.  Plus, she had the most yummy smelling shampoo called Lush…it completely took me back to the summer I spent in Norway for some reason!
  • Shannon Wilkinson and I migrated to one another all week.  Whether in exercises of talking to our inner critics, sitting in a teleclass with Molly Gordon on business niches or sharing our non-art collages, we enjoyed one another!  Visit Shannon, a NLP coach, here.
  • I absolutely adore Lisa! This multi-faceted artist and coach from Canada oozes energy, truth and love.  From our first connection in line for dinner after the Uncocktail Cocktail Hour, we knew we’d have lots to chat about!  A monthly creativity lovefest and buddy coaching is in the works for us, starting soon!
  • Marissa Bracke, a self-described Can-Do-Ologist, does virtual assisting from her hometown of Ossian, Indiana.  Although she and Iconnected just briefly on retreat, I so enjoyed her humor, honesty and the simple fact that she’s a fellow Hoosier.  Comforting!
  • Joyce will always have a special spot in my heart as she accompanied me to the crosses out in the Pueblo desert for a little ritual I had created.  What a beautiful spirit to witness my process.   Thank you Joyce!
  • Molly Gordon and I shared a yummy lunch one day on the patio, talking about the coaching field and its development.  Molly is one of those brilliant and kind women who you simply want in your circle, which I told her as a goodbye on our last day.  I’m eager to see how I reconnect with her in the future!  Plus, watching her and Jennifer dance as colleagues and friends reminded me so much of my dear friend, Christy and I, as we live life together as friends and work buddies.
  • There were so many more amazing, beautiful, inspiring women to tell you about.  Amara and Rachel, friends and fellow coaches and mommies…Meredith, a geologist turned entrepreneur…Annie from Newfoundland sharing with us her moving poetry and heartfelt emotion…Jennifer and Annie, a mother-daughter duo from New Jersey who were a joy to watch as they loved on one another and immersed themselves in the group, as well…Annelle and her gorgeous smile and photographs…Linda and her kind, loving spirit…Ruth and Linda and Joy and  oh more stories to come, I promise!

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    Hi Tisha!

    Just reading about the other retreat participants makes me happy–and eager to sign up for next year’s retreat so I can see everyone again. 🙂

    Adorable photos, by the way. Your megawatt smile makes me smile!

    Sending love from the Hoosier state,

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    wholly moly,
    thanks for the kind kind words dear one,
    yes, let’s have our creative fest soon!


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