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Retreat Goodness, a series

Hello again!

Boy it feels like it’s been a while once again since I’ve been here!  I spent all of last week in retreat in Taos, New Mexico.  It was so, so nourishing!  And I have so many thoughts and feelings stirring from the experience that I want to share.  I’ve decided I’ll post a series of retreat goodness this week to share the yumminess dose by dose.  As I practice re-entering gently, let’s start with highlights from the week…in no particular order:

  • meeting Havi and her soul-stirring Dance of Shiva getting-unstuck-yoga magic
  • soaking in all the sacred space of the Mabel Dodge Luhan House…from the nourishing foods to the comfortable nooks
  • connecting with the retreat guru and comfort queen herself, Jennifer Louden
  • labyrinth-walking every morning
  • enjoying the Taos blue sky
  • collaging on the question, “how does my work want to come alive?”
  • writing naked (with our clothes on!)
  • reading Marianne Williamson’s A Woman’s Worth–again!
  • intuiting new wisdom from a massage and energy work
  • percolating on a manual of self-caring for advocates and all women who care
  • afternoon yoga
  • living into the words that began our retreat: “no forcing, no holding back”

I’ll be back soon with more details!  Today is about reconnecting with my coaching clients, enjoying more family time during t-ball, and percolating on all that I noodled on last week!

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