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Claiming Space

Although we moved into our new home in late January, I still feel like I am getting oriented to the space and feel of the space.  Our second abode in the last year was a 3,000 sq. ft. condo that while big on space was small on personality.  Now, we are taking our time in arranging and designing live-able space in this 1,800 sq. ft. home.  Talk about shape-shifting!  And while pictures are beginning to be posted and flowers planted, I had yet to claim some space just for me.  Until today.

I had been eyeing a cedar closet in our basement as a cozy, meditative “Tisha” spot for a few months.  But I felt almost embarrassed sharing with friends that my spot–my “room of one’s own”–was in the dark, musty basement.  It felt a bit like I was putting myself and my dreams and my visions quite literally down below and hidden out of sight.  Seemed to be a poor message to be putting out the Universe.  After saying once again to my coach, Lerae, this week how I was longing for space and wanted a special spot for my vision board, we began to poke a bit at the idea of this cedar closet.  Lerae gently stated that the basement could be a metaphor for me going inward, spiraling into myself and my thoughts.  It could be my cocoon, of sorts.  A protected space.  And that finally resonated.  I checked out some meanings/stories/beliefs of cedar today online and found out that cedar trees historically are known as protected bark to keep away bad energies and spirits.  Ahem.

I’m beginning to create this space…of renewal, of new visions, of peace.  Where are you claiming your space?

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