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Happy Day

Happy Day to all the Mama’s out there!  We just returned from a slow walk down to the park to throw rocks in the creek, play at the playground, and enjoy a few snacks of cheese and crackers, juice and raspberry tea.  While the boys play frisbee in the backyard, I’m taking a break to share with you these words I clipped from a newspaper several years ago.

Enjoy this tribute to all strong women from Jennifer Lapin today:

I have known strong women in my lifetime

Women who have shown so much courage and grace

Women who have held everything together under all the pressures of life,

And who did so beautifully,

Women who have sacrificed so much for the happiness of others

Women who have given so much, tirelessly and without complaint

Women who have raised their children all on their own

Women who have put their dreams on hold to help their children achieve theirs first

Women who have battled their own addictions and won the fight

Women who have beaten the odds when they were told there was not hope

Women who have broken the abusive cycle and lived to tell others how to do the same

Women who have fought bravely and given their lives for our freedom

Women who have taught children simply because they want a better future for them

Women who have given up a child in the hopes that they will have a better life with someone else

Women who have worked hard all their lives and never taken no for an answer

I am amazed by strong women every day

I am proud to be the daughter, daughter-in-law, niece, sister, cousin, granddaughter and friend of incredibly strong women

I hope to one day be as strong as they are

Love as strong as they do

And live up to the legacy that all strong women have left behind them

And pass it on to the next generation of strong women.

Here, Here!  Hope y’all have a fabulous day!

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