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Easy Does It

During the throes of transition in the last two years, I noticed myself saying “this is going to be hard…I’m struggling with fill-in-the-blank…this is difficult.”  While many moments were indeed tough, somewhere along the way I began to ponder “hard.”  Was it true that fill-in-the-blank was actually hard?  Did it have to be? Was it possible for it to be easy instead? 

In Words of Wisdom for Women, Rachel Snyder writes,

“Ease.  Instead of thrusting your way out into the world, ease into it.  Ease into a new job; you don’t have to knock their socks off on the first day.  Ease into a new relationship; you don’t have to take your socks off on the first date.  Get out of your own way and let things take their natural course.  Ease your mind.  Make the phone call, drop by to check in, go home and make sure you turned off the stove.  There’s no dishonor in taking the path of least resistance.  Ease into a new rhythm.  When you head off in a new direction, ease into it.  Take things as they come and everything will be easier.  When you see a woman struggling, offer to ease up on yourself.  If you’re starting to lose control, ease up on the pedal and ease yourself back into the driver’s seat.”

Shifting from hard to easy continues to be one of my daily intentions.  Can you relate?  Right now, I know it is part of what is necessary for me to renew my heart and soul.  To revive my life.  What about you?

P.S.  Check out more of Rachel’s words and her books at her blog, Just Say Yes Now! (

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