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Are you ready to get lost?

Say yes to Wanderlust.

I found it in the most unlikely of places.

It was August. Portland. It was a weekend of writing and the Ace Hotel and whimsical fish and Pinot rose. It was an expedition of words and magic and unexpected messages.

When my plane got delayed for the morning, my friend and I decided to do some exploring to savor these last few stolen hours. In coffee shops and bookstores and juice bars. Giggling and spilling secrets as we walked.

We meandered through another gift shop, with air plants in hand, when we found two books; she took one and I took the other. Mine, a ledger from a St. Louis insurance company. It’s gray cover weathered from spills and ink.




And what I found inside the ledger were secret instructions. A letter clipped to page 18, typed 57 years ago. Words of gratitude and truth. Words to follow if I dared: We make our own life as we go along.

We make our own life as we go along.

I’ve held this book and these words close for two years. Words found in the most unlikely of places in a most unlikely way.

And now they are words for you, too.



“Not until we are lost do we begin to [find] ourselves.” Henry David Thoreau 

What it is: This is an online course delivered to your email inbox. Each week you will receive four emails from me filled with prompts for exploring, interviews with pioneer spirits, and peeks into my own adventures of getting lost. We will have a private Facebook page (optional to join) to gather and share our adventures and our questions. You will be encouraged to go at your own pace and I’ll be available for gentle coaching and support. 

Why Wanderlust? To me, wanderlust is all about desire. Desire for new adventures and uncharted territory. Whispers and secret messages. What if we let ourselves get lost in the exploring? What if we opened to searching with new eyes, in new places, through unexpected ways? What might we find?

Your story as we know it starts here. And, by the end of the Wanderlust course, I want you to have the clues and messages that point towards your next path. Our destination? You and your next dream. 


When: March 8 – April 4

What you need: Internet connection to access your email and video links 

Who this is for: This course is for you if you are ready to get lost. This course is for you if you are stuck in the same place and can’t seem to find your way forward. This course is for you if you need nudges to get going and if you long for a safe circle to walk beside as you explore. This course is for you if you are struck by wanderlust. 

Still have questions?  Send me an email!  I’d love to connect.

 It’s $39 for 4 weeks.  Sign up here:   "Buy

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