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Boots, Always Boots



It was the middle of a work trip.  I was in the middle of a hotel room.

And in the middle of the deck, I pulled this card.  The boots card.

It beckoned, ‘boot up.  Embody your muse.  Wear the bangles.  Dress to your heart’s desire.’

I hesitated.  Did I dare?  Did I dare to show up fully me in the middle of a conference room in the middle of a sea of professionals?

Did I dare?


My spirit guide said, ‘fuckyeah.

I pulled on the jeans, the ones I used all my stash to buy, the ones that feel like butter on my legs.  I pulled on the boots, the ones that go just above my knees, all shiny and bold.  I pulled on the bracelets and dabbed the essential oil and rubbed the curl cream in my hair.

Fuckyeah.  Let’s do this.


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