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the Skillet Card


It was a morning I just couldn’t shake the funk.  I was restless and unmoored.

Turning to the deck, I pulled this card.  The one that reads, flip the pancakes, make the stew, use the cloth napkins.  This is the card that invites savoring and slowing and steeping in the sensual.  This is the card that asks, what does your body crave?

I didn’t want this card.  I didn’t want to slow or cook or savor.  But I let it in.  The words of this card became a balm for my day.


I filled my Nalgene bottle with cranberry water and drank until my thirst was gone.  I spread the thick creamy comforter over my legs and cuddled on the couch.  I dabbed rose oil on my wrists and lit my soy candle.  I read more of the Soul of Money.  I let the chili bubble on the stove and ate a piece of chocolate cake that Grandma made.  I listened to their voices down the hall.  I stepped outside to take a quick photo of the sunset.  I soaked it all in.


And when evening fell, the words that came uninvited, but certainly inspired from all this medicine, were this:  sacred expansion.

And so it is.  Sacred expansion.  Movement forward.  Wisdom brewing.  In the steeping and the slowing and the savoring.

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    I pulled this card today! I also resisted for some reason, and I don’t usually resist savoring. But now, at the end of the day, I realize I did just that without even knowing it. Had a longer than usual lunch, gave my work some TLC, and listened to Brandi Carlile. Driving through the woods with the windows down, singing The Story at the top of my lungs thinking of my sister. Here’s to the skillet card.

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