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fresh cravings


I’m thinking of wishes today and desire and magical things.  Here is the latest round-up of my fresh cravings.

  1. I want a hand-mapping from Isabel.  A constellation of my true lines and thru-lines and lines that have yet to unfold.
  2. I want this print from Alex Franzen to hang in my Airstream trailer.
  3. I want to brunch here with soul sisters in March.  I want to make it to Malibu and drive down the coast to Big Sur and soak in hot springs.  Just because we only live once.
  4. I am so ready for this course with Pixie to begin.  And speaking of wishes and wanderlust, her retreats in Oregon look rather divine, as well!
  5. I have been eyeing this cozy sweater.  Scouting it out.  I think it would be fly with my new black suede leggings.
  6. I want to make this list with my love on New Year’s Eve.  Then drink some Prosecco along with a few oysters.  And call it a year!

What about you?  What are you craving and wishing and scouting and loving?

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