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She said…



Magic words. Whoa.

I can’t wait to know who you are now.

I just love you.


You’ve captured my heart this morning.

I love that dream.

Thank you for teaching me to be brave.

We are soul sisters.

Humbled to feel seen.

Thinking of you and our unfinished dreams.

Thank you for taking me past the tears to the wisdom.

I wish you more bliss, beginnings and magic.

It’s not the same without you there.

You are a warrior woman.

Kindred, we are.

Clearly we rock.

I have loads of love for you.

Let’s be grit and rise partners.

You heal the world in ripples of endless generations.

It is your love language.

You just show up and the world is better.

Come out of the shadows. Step into the light. Enter the fray…Rise. You are not alone.

[Your] story and mine are marked upon my heart.

Here’s to the next brave move.


post inspired from Hannah Marcotti’s Community Grace course

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