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31 Days of Brave Hearts || Day 30, Cheryl Pletcher


She loves me like no other.  She is my constant.  She loves her Chicago Cubs and her IU Hoosiers.  She really is the best.  Meet my mom.

What is your superpower?  My faith in God and the Divine.  It keeps me going when times are tough, inspires me to be a better person and enables me to live each day with gratitude.

Who do you adore?  I simply adore my grandkids!  They bring such joy to my heart and are SO much fun to spend time with!

Describe your brave heart outfit.  I love to dress up in party dresses, often a little black dress.  Sexy and elegant at the same time!

What was the best trip ever?  I have two–both with my husband and friends.  The first was to Ireland and Scotland on a fly and drive trip where we visited the coast, drank lots of beer and listened to fantastic music in pubs.  The other was a sailboat trip to British Virgin Islands with friends from high school and college.  So relaxing!


What is the ultimate party?  Having friends over for dinner.

Your mother always told you…have faith.  Things will work out the way they were meant to be.

What/where is your happy place?  When both my daughters and their families are home for Christmas or when we go on a family vacation together.  I love that we all like to spend time together, cooking, drinking wine, laughing, playing cards, and just having fun!


Who do you secretly want to be?  The author of children’s books.

What fuels you?  Nature fuels me and helps me realize what a magnificent world we live in.There is something so restorative about a walk on the beach or through the woods or just through my neighborhood at dusk

What’s in your office? Your car?  Music in my car and carseats for grandkids.  My office had family pictures and inspirational quotes and cards.

What is your shelter/refuge?  My family is my shelter, knowing that we are all there for each other…and God.  I know I can always turn to Him with anything and that He loves me unconditionally.

What is your favorite word? It used to be crap.

I secretly love…to get snowed in where all I have to do is sit by the fire with a good book and lose myself in the pages.

What are you scared of?  I’m really scared that I’ll get cancer even though both of my parents lived into their 90s.  I’m not ready to leave all these people I love so dearly.

What did you study?  Special education.

What is one outrageous thing you’d love to own?  I’d love to own a guitar that belonged to the Beatles (really for my husband who plays).  I’d enjoy gifting him that.

What is your most cherished thing?  My daughters who are such remarkable women.

How would your BFF describe you?  Enthusiastic, supportive, a good listener and fun!

What do you love most about yourself?  My positive outlook on life and my cheerfulness.

What do you want the world to know about your work?  That I impacted others–kids and their parents, other teachers, my daughters and husband, in a positive way.

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