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31 Days of Brave Hearts || Day 25, Kirstin


There are not enough words to describe how I feel about her.  She teaches me to walk boldly.  She is a fierce mama and the best aunt ever.  She flew across the country to surprise me for the weekend.  I love her so.  Meet Kirstin.

What is your superpower? Staying patient with a three year old and knowing I’m providing him a loving environment.

Describe your brave heart outfit. Skinny jeans (that fit and feel good!), boots, and a scarf on a crisp day.

What book has shaped you? A Thousand Splendid Suns.

What is your favorite movie? The Sound of Music.

What was the best trip ever? Our first whole family vacation;  we were stuck inside during rainy days playing cards and Memory and making fantastic meals each night.

What is the ultimate party? One where all of my friends and family can be under one roof.

Your mother always told you…be yourself.

What/where is your happy place? A coffee house on the beach, sipping and taking in the sun.


Who do you secretly want to be? My sister.

What fuels you? Connecting with my family.  Nurturing my body.


What’s in your office? Boxes still unpacked from my move a year ago, essential oils, and pictures of my favorite kiddos.

What is your shelter/refuge? Waking up before the sun with a cup of coffee when all is quiet.

I secretly love…fritos.

What are you scared of? Not being a healthy and happy mama.

What did you study? Music.

What is one outrageous thing you’d love to own? My own personal juicing chef.

What gives you courage? Knowing there are so many people with so much less than me gives me strength when I’m giving myself a pity party.

How would your BFF describe you? Thoughtful and generous.

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