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31 Days of Brave Hearts || Day 20, Leah Clark

leah clark

She is bold and true and cares so much about the world.  My heart warms when I think of her.  She loves old pictures of her family and her Grandfather’s Bible.  Her favorite word is peace.  Meet Leah.

What is your superpower? Sarcasm.

Who do you adore? My Granny.  She was my security and stability as a child, and my best friend.

Describe your brave heart outfit. Black leather jacket, red shirt, jeans, and black boots.

What book has shaped you? Yesterday I Cried by Iyanla VanZant and the Bible.

What is your favorite movie? Men of Honor.

What was the best trip ever? Walt Disney World with Preslee after her Daddy died.

What is the ultimate party? With girlfriends–movies, pampering, awesome appetizers and lots of laughter.

Your mother always told you… Stand up for yourself and what you believe.

What/where is your happy place? The beach.  Any beach.

Who do you secretly want to be? Oprah Winfrey.

How has your work changed you? Almost eliminated my judgment of others.

What fuels you? My daughter’s future in a world I want to be better.

What’s in your office? Your car? The Serenity Prayer, pictures of family and LOTS of Preslee’s artwork.

What is your shelter/refuge? Church.  And my Granny’s house.

What are the tools of your trade? Compassion and understanding.

What are you scared of? Dying and leaving Preslee alone.  And not making a difference.

What did you study? Social Work.

What gives you courage? Seeing how far I’ve come.

How would your BFF describe you? Crazy, funny, genuine.

What do you want the world to know about your work? It’s a process.  There are no easy fixes but with hard work and determination we can overcome any obstacle.

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