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31 Days of Brave Hearts || Day 17, Leah Godlaski


This one.  I wanna be her when I grow up.  She’s fierce and funny.  Amazingly talented.  Blazing new trails every day.  You can find her on Instagram as lalalalayuh or online at  Meet Leah.

What is your superpower? Reading minds.

Who do you adore? People being authentic and honest.

Describe your brave heart outfit. Bright lipstick.


What book has shaped you? The Hungry Tigress: Buddhist Myths, Legends, and Jataka Tales.

What is your favorite movie? The Count of Monte Cristo.

What was the best trip ever? Down the driveway without training wheels on my bike for the first time.

What is the ultimate party? Whatever involves waffles.

Your mother always told you… I love you.

leah girl

What/where is your happy place? Front or back porches during the early hours.

Who do you secretly want to be? A farmer in flannel.

How has your work changed you? This work has made me. It has made me cry, laugh and stop in my tracks. It has made me uncomfortable so I question the society and culture around me. It has made me have tough conversations. It has made me push the limits of my creativity. It has made me walk many journeys with brave and passionate women and men.


What fuels you? Good coffee, good tea, and good stories.

What’s in your office? Your car? Paper airplanes, legos, paintbrushes, mugs and Ticonderoga pencils.

What is your shelter/refuge? Noise-cancelling headphones.

What are the tools of your trade? Imagination and some ink.

What are you scared of? Forgetting the good stuff.


What did you study? Anthropology/Gender and Women’s Studies.

What gives you courage? Students who share their story and seeing others devote their energy to bringing an end to violence.

How would your BFF describe you? A loud quiet person.

What do you want the world to know about your work? That a beautiful and safe world can and does exist.

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