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31 Days of Brave Hearts | Day 15, Janice Hagans-Higgins


A nice wardrobe, great personality and passion are the tools of her trade.  I’d add to that her warm spirit and hearty laugh.  Meet Janice.  

What is your superpower?  Painting and drawing.  

Describe your brave heart outfit.  Black boots with gold buckles worn with a fit and flair dress and belt.

What book has shaped you? Victor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning.   

What is the best gift you have received? A hug. 

What was the best trip ever?  London, England.

Your mother always told you…learn how to take care of yourself.

What/where is your happy place? Looking up into the sky. 

Who do you secretly want to be?  King Solomon from the Bible.

How has your work changed you?  Hope and confidence.

What is your shelter/refuge?  My bedroom.

What is your favorite word?  Jesus.  Or God.

I secretly lovesinging.  

What did you study?  Counseling, Education and Nursing.  

What is one outrageous thing you’d love to own?  A fur coat.  

What is your most cherished thing?  A feather.  

How would your BFF describe you?  Woman of her word.  Loving.  Caring.

What do you love most about yourself?  That I am a fighter.

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