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31 Days of Brave Hearts | Day 7, SCZ


She has heart, she has super fine style, and every picture she shares makes me want to click like.  Find SCZ, or Sarah Crockett Zarantonello, on Twitter at DecolonizedMind, on Instagram as SCZarantonello, or at her blog, Decolonizemind.

What is your superpower?  I have an empathic ability to communicate through hugs. I give excellent hugs. Someone once told me that my hugs were like a rich bowl of soup on a cold day.  I want to nourish people with my hugs.  

Who do you adore?  Too many people to count.  Brave people, scared people, people who inspire, people who teach, people who love, people who resist, people who reach out their hands to others.

Describe your brave heart outfit.  Naked.  Always naked.

What book has shaped you?  So many books have shaped me, but Pedagogy of the Oppressed and Pedagogy of Hope are words that transformed my world. Reading those texts was like someone opening the journal of my heart and seeing me for who I am. It made me feel less alien in the world and more connected to those around me. It confirmed in the me the value that we are all creative, resourceful and whole, and that our experiential knowledge is our greatest teacher.


What is your favorite movie?  It varies with my mood, but almost always a documentary. Currently it is The Black Power Mixtape.

Your mother always told you…To practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty.

What/where is your happy place?  Being naked in the sun on a warm day….beach is preferable.

Who do you secretly want to be?  Beautiful, brave, fierce and SEEN.

How has this work changed you?  It has shaped my interactions in all aspects of my life.  I speak less, listen more, and always believe. It has confirmed my belief that people need a vocabulary to articulate experience, and when we create shared vocabularies we critically recognize one another.

What do you want the world to know about your work?  It’s grounded in a fierce love for humanity, a desire to not only dream of a better world, but to breath it into life.

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