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31 Days of Brave Hearts


“I am my best work—a series of road maps, reports, recipes, doodles, and prayers from the front lines.”  Audre Lorde

So I stumbled upon this thing called 31 Days.  It’s a writing challenge every October where you are dared to write on one topic every single day.

The dare was there and I decided to take it.  I knew straight away what I would write about.  

My people.  Brave hearts of all kinds, of all walks, of all ages.  The brave hearts who work in shelters and on crisis lines–and the ones who don’t.  The brave ones who are quiet.  The ones who might not know they are brave.  The brave hearts who hold space for others to be brave.  The souls who have a story to share.  You.

I’ve carried a wish to shine some light on those who aren’t always in the spotlight. Who are certainly not seen and honored enough in this lifetime.  And so it is that I am here writing every day about some of the brave souls I know.  I asked them 20 questions.  They answered.  And now I get to share a glimpse of them with you.  They are amazing.  They are fierce and gentle and set my heart on fire just knowing they are in the world. 

Thanks to each of you, for being you, and for saying yes.

Day 1 – Kelli Finch

Day 2 – Bree

Day 3 – Michael

Day 4 – Melissa Greenwell

Day 5 – Allison

Day 6 – Kristina Sargent

Day 7 – SCZ

Day 8 – Sara Clayton

Day 9 – Julie Johnson

Day 10 – Kathryn Gates

Day 11 – Jill Robertson

Day 12 – Tracy Price

Day 13 – Lori Droege

Day 14 – RheAnn White Peacock

Day 15 – Janice

Day 16 – Carolyn Raleigh

Day 17 – Leah Godlaski

Day 18 – Alysha Floyd

Day 19 – Ann Brandon

Day 20 – Leah Clark

Day 21 – Joseph

Day 22 – Ronda Howard

Day 23 – Tamara Reif

Day 24 – Kendra Embank

Day 25 – Kirstin

Day 26 – Meghan Quigley

Day 27 – Tina Guelda

Day 28 – Story

Day 29 – Harper

Day 30 – Cheryl Pletcher

Day 31 – all the unnamed Brave Hearts 


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