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when i start to forget


She comes when I start to forget.

When I get lost in the swirl of every day things. When I am drowning in the dishes and dirty laundry and unsent emails.

She comes to remind me that there is a way through. To be sure-footed and steadfast. To remind me that I am almost there—at the threshold—and the fires that burn on the other side will smolder bright into flames. She comes to tell me not to forget, to keep pace, to find my way through the dark, to have eyes in the night.

She comes when I start to forget.

She says now is the time to voyage.  Walk steady and fast.  She says wear the warpaint and smudge the rooms.  She says send up the smoke signals and let the ashes fall.  Breathe in love and grace.  She says the remains will be pure and true.

She is my guide through.  A harbinger of change.

She comes.  When I start to forget.


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    Christine Brinkmann July 10, 2014 at 9:08 pm

    Thank you! Perfect timing!!! Xo Christine

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    this. what i needed. right now.

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    Tisha, I wrote that I had felt I had made a friend. I had gone for years being very careful about talking about my spirit guides. During the darkest of times fighting a disease, my meditation became my anchor. And then arrived two spirit guides, one a one thin ancient woman with crazy white long frizzy hair, the sort I long to have as I grow even older, who quips often and calls me Sugar. She gives me laughter and energy. The other is a giant tortoise who is constant steadfast, quiet and takes me places in my mind where I most fear to go. He quietly urges me to keep going forward and to hang on to him for the ride. I am soon beginning a blog that is named THE CRACKED TORTOISE, certainly in his honor. So here we are, two very blessed women with our spirit guides in common.

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