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Maybe you are longing for a moment.  Just one.  A moment to hear yourself.

Maybe you are itching for the right question to savor, the one that will kindle your fire.

Maybe you are sitting in a locked bathroom trying to get five minutes of quiet.  To breathe.  To come back to center.

Maybe you can’t remember what to ask.

Maybe you can.  But you are too afraid or tired or confused to form the words.

If this is you, go gently.  Or boldly.  Grab the pen and  sprawl across your unmade bed.  Sit in your car an extra five minutes and let the words take shape.  Ask as if you were speaking to your best friend.  Ask as if your life depended on it.

Here are five simple questions I have been asking myself and everyone I know this year.  My clients.  My kids.  Now you.

  1. What do you need?
  2. What does your heart/gut/spirit tell you?
  3. What is your responsibility?
  4. What do you know for sure?
  5. What sets you on fire?

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