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morning pages, unedited


photo taken by Nancy Lennon

I pray you desire temples of peace and benevolent tsunamis of love and that you realize your size in relation to this one universal declaration:  I desire.  You are the fullness, and the space, the core, and the more, ever expanding desire.  Danielle LaPorte, The Desire Map

I want a day of treasure hunting.  Fish tacos with my love in the middle of the afternoon.  I want to be fully present with my kids.  I want more family vacations to the beach.  I want to take up dancing again.  I want to savor moments.  I want belly laughs.  Hot coffee in the morning and fires late into the night.  I want my Airstream adorned in whites and grays and blues.  I want brunch and visioning with brave hearts.  I want to write more.  I want to dive into my favorite books again.  I want to set my life on fire.  I want to tell more stories—and hear more.  I want to sit at my sister’s kitchen table.  I want parties in the backyard with home brews and barbecue.  I want to find my color story.  I want to move fast and easy.  I want to sing soul songs late into the night again.  I want a nest egg.  I want a rhythm for my days.  I want a soul practice.  I want to find my people. I want a massage.  I want to live and work and mother from my heart.  I want to come into my own. 

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