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just because

What happens when a boy falls in love with his cookbook he received for Christmas?

Homemade dessert every night.

Jello.  Goober haystacks.  Peanut butter cookies.  Frozen bananas.

This week?  Pumpkin muffins.  And just because it seemed like a good idea, pumpkin muffins with pumpkins on top.  (“You know, Mom.  We have to put those stick things in them.  And draw pumpkins on top.”  Oh, right…how could I forget?)

So there you go.

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    Wow, Tish!
    So glad that kid is enjoying his cookbook! Thought that he would have fun with it, knowing that we all have fun cooking together. We ARE building values, aren’t we?
    Love, (and hugs and kisses for my guy)

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