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my word: restore

taken on retreat, October 2009

I’ve finally chosen the word.  For 2010.  It’s restore.

I know it’s not sexy.  It’s not jazzy.  It’s not sparkly.

But ever since I had a session with Hiro last August, restore has been waiting for me.  During our conversation, Hiro expressed to me that my mission is to offer programs for healing, the “restoration of wholeness through creativity,” is what she said.  We were talking about my work and how I want to expand with it.  And she told me through her wise ways that this is what I am here to offer.

She also told me that if I align myself with my own wholeness then I’ll be giving out of wholeness.  I’ll be aligned with the wholeness of everything. 

And so, this year will be about restoring. 

Rachel Snyder writes in Words of Wisdom for Women,

Restore.  Put something back together so it’s stronger and more beautiful than it was before.  Put that rosy glow back into your cheeks.  Rub and polish the front hall floor until it’s as grand as it once was.  Take apart a chair, a coat, a carburetor, and bring it back just the way it was, only different this time.  Only better.  Do the same with your health, your attitude about others, or those pottery shards that were once a pitcher.  Reconstruct that which you want to hold fast; deconstruct that which you want to see crumble to pieces.  If your home or your neighborhood has become a battlefield, try to restore peace and order wherever you can.  Restore your faith in humanity, and restore your faith in yourself.”

 It begins.  With restoring my office.  With moving furniture around our home and hanging new pictures.  With beginning a detox cleanse this week to restore my health.

And, I’m looking forward to more chats with Hiro this year.

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    I love LOVE this!!! I wrote about it today myself and adore the idea of a word and theme, rather than a list of trite expectations. Thank you so much for sharing this and inspiring a new way to think of the New Year!

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