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all the merry-making

Oh how full the last two weeks have been.

There was the cookie baking.  The matinee date with my boy.  The season’s first snowman at Grammy’s house.  The many days of being in our pajamas as long as we could muster. 

There was the two week break from work that was good for my soul.   Being with my family.  Making merry.  And practicing what I preach of filling up again. 

There was the card making and secrets to keep.  There were the family gatherings.  There were endless games of Connect Four, Operation, Catch Phrase, and euchre.    

There was the tea date for the ladies at Tulip Noire.  There was dinner at St. Elmo’s to celebrate my love’s MBA graduation.  There was sledding with the cousins after the Pletcher Christmas party.


There were moments and moments of love.

And now the pulse of the new year is here.  We rearranged furniture to finally make my home office.  After two years and three moves, I finally am creating permanent space again. 

I’m in the beginnings of making it mine.


Like so many other lovelies (Susannah, Kelly Rae, and Danielle, to name a few) claiming a word for their year’s theme, I too have been percolating on what my theme will be for 2010.  I’ve been collecting the whispers, including connect, love, becoming, anew, and flourish.  And, I’m sitting with them.  To see which word wants to rise up and lead me (or is it teach?) this year.  Thank you Christine Kane for my first introduction to this practice!

What about you?

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