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life on a fridge

I came across this post from a Kirtsy link.  It asks, what’s on your fridge?

As of late we have an assortment: a handwritten menu of this week’s suppers, a card from my mom that reads “can you feel it…sending you positive energy,” two pictures of Harper, this week’s preschool calendar, a magazine page of a renovated Airstream trailer, and a Nikki McClure calendar which is a holiday gift I receive every year from a dear friend.  And then there are the magnets; one is from the vet, still front and center even though Sophie our golden retriever died in June this year.  Another is from Prevail, the victim services organization in Indiana where I led a workshop this summer.  Two more are inspiring quotes from my mom. And, there’s the one that’s a running joke between Joe and I that I’m too embarrassed to even share.

I like this assortment.

I’m also amazed at how accurate it highlights what our world is filled with right now.  Like the intention to eat healthy homemade meals.  The connection to family and friends.  The dreams waiting patiently for life. 

And so I’m curious…what’s on your refrigerator?  What is it telling you about your focus, your energy, your life today?  What messages are you getting?  What is it reflecting back to you?

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