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totally digging right now

august 016

I’m falling in love.  With people and places online.  With their creations and their thoughts.  With their honesty and questions.  With their humor. 

Here are a few posts and peeps of late that I’m digging:

  1. the spirit of NieNie over at the NieNie Dialogues
  2. this collage and accompanied words by Kelly Rae Roberts
  3. permission to leap–or not in this post by Havi Brooks
  4. this amazing, lovely project
  5. the reminder from Jen Louden that when patterns come up once again, we simply have more to learn
  6. these necklaces that come with superpowers
  7. Sarah and her honesty here
  8. and last but not least, Naomi’s mission here to help us all create work of our own

Enjoy today!

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