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the joy diet: laughter

This week was all about laughter in Martha Beck’s The Joy Diet.  What makes me laugh most is this little one:



These photos were taken two years ago during a photo shoot for my website.  I left him with the photographers for five minutes as I changed and this is what a bag of m & ms can do to a child!

If this book is about (re)discovering joy, my little one is my guide.  He constantly is bringing me back into the present moment.  He often reminds me of the little things, the wonder of it all.  He leads me into practicing nothing, as Martha would encourage, when I need a “mommy time-out.” 

And all the funny things he says and does?  The highlights this week have been dancing to LL Cool J and Neil Diamond in the kitchen, jumping in a five-foot tall pile of leaves, “decorating” his bedroom with cut-out pictures we’ve just colored (string and oodles of tape are must-haves), and telling his daddy he wants to ride home with him from pizza out so that “they could say bad words.”   

Living with a preschooler is a trip.  A joyful one.  One I want to fully, fully experience. 

How is laughter showing up in your life this week?

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    Can I borrow your little laughmaker? Thanks for sharing your experience. It’s true, the little ones are the masters of laughing!

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    Oh my goodness! That picture in the cape and goggles is priceless. I love it! Please tell me you have it framed somewhere in your house.

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    Oh what a cutie. I second the idea of having that picture in your house somewhere. You can’t help but smile seeing it.

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    Yup, that little munchkin made me laugh out loud! I love it. My one grandson is 4 and these years are so much fun.

    Then there’s my 14 year old grandson who told me yesterday that a girl wants him to buy her a promise ring for Christmas. When I asked him what he was promising, he didn’t know. His mom then jumped in and said “that means you can’t talk to any other girls at school, that you will only pay attention to her.” So he said, “Well, Forget that! How about a buddy ring?” He makes me laugh, too.

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    Love your laugh maker. Thanks.

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    I love the picture of your son with his cape. It reminds me of my son many years ago who wouldn’t go to preschool without his cape. The teacher made him keep it on a hook outside the classroom because he and his friends thought they could jump off the tables just like Batman and Robin and save the day for everyone if they had their capes on. His cape was yellow and was made from an old shower curtain. Just what every super hero must have!

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    What a cutie! My son makes me laugh quite a bit too. Thanks for sharing what makes you laugh.

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    Here’s an Ode to Laughter … it’s classic. It gets me giggling every time.


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    Thanks for stopping by, everybody! Yep, Harp in the cape is definitely framed in our entryway…seems to be a great way to welcome folks in, don’t ya think?!

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    I am so grateful that you are experiencing such joy and FUN in your time with Harper! Even though he IS my grandson, he certainly can bring a smile to our lips, can’t he? The wonder and delight that he brings is truly amazing! We are indeed blessed!

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