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the joy diet: play


What did you do the night of 9/11?

This is the question Martha Beck asks in this chapter of The Joy Diet, for The Next Chapter.  She says our answers are a strong indicator of our real careers, the action our hearts and souls want to take.  At first, I wasn’t sure if my answer amounted to much of anything.  Until I absorbed my answer:  I witnessed, cared for myself gently, connected with loved ones (especially with my husband who was traveling in Canada at the time), and carried on.  And as the days rippled forward, I repeated each of these steps over and over.  Naturally.

Witnessing.  Self-care.  Connecting.  Family.  And then doing what needs to get done.

That’s what I do.

That’s why I am a coach.  And why I lead retreats.

That’s what my heart and soul long to do over and over, even if I weren’t paid for it.

One simple question.  Telling answers.  What’s yours?

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    I loved your post but one word especially stood out to me “Naturally” You did the things that came naturally to you. At this point I am still working on things that I want to come naturally. As they do become part of me, I will be sure to stop. take a deep breath, and celebrate. Have a great week!

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    I called my children and met with some people to pray. Later I started the photo albums with family history for my kids that I’d kept placing on the back burner. I kept at it for a year and finished them in time for the next Christmas. They loved them. Yes, it came naturally.

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    I love that you are able to do what your heart and soul long to do – that is the true connection of passion and life’s work. Thank you for sharing.

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    Hi Ginny. Keep listening to your heart’s desires…I know you know what they are inside of you.

    Gracegal, your reply brought a heart-felt smile to my face. Thank you for sharing your story.

    Kaileenelise, It looks like you’re rocking it too from your blog. Yippee!

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    I am struck by your statement of witnessing – I think that’s such an important, but often overlooked role in our lives. When my grandmother died at age 100, I gave a lot of thought to my aunt who visited her every day in the nursing home for her last 7 or 8 years. She sacrificed a lot to do that, but it occurred to me that what she did was witness to the people who worked in the facility that this was a woman who had people who cared about her, she was loved, she meant something. There are all kinds of people and events and spirit that need witness.

    It’s good that you have recognized that as part of your calling.

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    Thanks for sharing your journey with play this week. I love that you heard and listened to your calling and are living it.

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