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The Joy Diet: Treats

Jan2009 088

In this week’s chapter of The Joy Diet, the book I’m reading with Jamie‘s The Next Chapter group, Martha Beck insists on treats after the risking we’ve been doing.  Here’s my list of some of  favorite treats (of late):

  • Petit Ecolier extra-dark chocolate biscuits
  • a coffee at the local Heine Brothers at the end of my street
  • a walk through the neighborhood in between calls with my clients
  • a novel with a happy ending
  • snuggles with Harper
  • blog surfing to sites like Soule Mama, Nienie and  Kelly Rae
  • Top Chef Las Vegas
  • a chat with girlfriends, even if its quick
  • bedtime by 10pm
  • a Dance of Shiva sequence or two
  • collage making
  •  family visits
  • a great massage or hot yoga session
  • Yogi Tea
  • homemade soup, like Ina‘s pomodoro with basil-pancetta-crouton toppings
  • retreats
  • grocery shopping at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s

I could go on and on! 

Treats somehow give the message that the effort, the intention, the risk is acknowledged.  How are you treating yourself this week?

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