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saying yes


image from Jamie Ridler

Today is another Wishcasting Wednesday hosted by Jamie over at Jamie Ridler Studios.  Her question today is “What do you wish to say yes to?”

Today, I wish to say yes to so many things:

  • brainstorming a few juicy offerings for my work (might need to consult my Right Brain Business Plan)
  • connecting via phone for one final planning conversation about the retreat I’ll co-lead this weekend for KDVA
  • choosing to breathe in all the abundance in my life today
  • celebrating my hubby’s 35th birthday with loads of energy and fun
  • decorating for said birthday with my preschooler to surprise daddy tonight
  • walking to the park this afternoon with my kiddo en route to pick up our CSA basket of veggies
  • being open to surprises, slowing down, and choosing joy moment by moment
  • some snuggling on the couch tonight while watching Top Chef Las Vegas

What will you say yes to today?

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