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Oh how we’ve celebrated our love this weekend!

Joe surprised me on Friday night with a bag of snacks and a favorite meal.  He cooked up pan-seared tuna with ginger-shitake cream sauce from the Bon Appetit Cookbook.  He even made a homemade chocolate tart for dessert!  We reminisced about our favorite meals in each of the eight homes we’ve lived in together.

On Saturday afternoon, we headed to French Lick, Indiana, to stay at the West Baden Springs hotel.  Look how gorgeous this place is!

october4 016

october4 013

october4 024

october4 025

And here we are Sunday morning before we left for home.  I’m humoring Joe with my Colts jersey on for football-watching that afternoon. 

october4 019

There is something magical about celebrating and honoring our loves.  Pausing for a weekend to truly acknowledge all that has transpired for both us, between us, and through us…it’s not something we do every day.  I think I was reminded this weekend that this kind of celebrating is an integral part of renewing ourselves.  I often ask my clients after a big accomplishment how they will celebrate.  It’s essential isn’t it?  I think it locks into our hearts and souls that we matter, this journey we are on matters.

What are you ready to celebrate in your own life this week?

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