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this monday

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“Over and over we have to go back to the beginning.  We should not be ashamed of this.  It is good.  It’s like drinking water.” ~ Natalie Goldberg

This Monday I am going back to some of my beginnings.  I am returning to my morning journaling practice, my whole foods (and caffeine-free!) diet, my retreat plans for this Saturday’s Renew Retreat.  How are you going back to the beginnings that suit you?

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    Hmmmmm sounds wonderful!! I may just join you!! Namaste, Sarah

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    That is such a beautiful idea… setting clear, shining intentions for a new week 🙂 bless you possum! may your week ahead be utterly magical!

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    Hi Sarah–please do join in! Company always makes the comfort habits all the easier, don’t ya think? 😉 I’d love a partner!

    Ms. Leonie–what a pleasure to find you here! Thank you for saying hello and giving me the morning boost of love and support! Hugs to you!

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