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reminders this morning

may4 009

from my in-laws’ garden, 2009

After a slow start to the morning, I indulged in a bit of blog surfing for an inspiration fix.  Here are the thoughtful reminders that I just so happened to need to hear today…

    1. I give myself permission.  To feel and respond and listen and speak.  Goddess Leonie says it best in her post here.
    2. I will remember to walk my own talk.  Jen says it best:  “health and self-love are intimately intertwined” at the Comfort Queen’s site.
    3. And I will rest lavishly!  Yahoo Jamie!
    4. I will find loving souls to connect with for comfort, nourishment, and inspiration.  Thank you Gypsy Girl!
    5. I will savor time with my boy.  Soule Mama is always an inspiration of how I want to mother, as well as the joy in savoring summer this time of year.
    6. I will get truthful with myself.  Thank you Danielle for a straight-up inquiry:  examine what you tolerate.  It has me thinking!

What reminders are you bumping up against today?

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