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Retreat Goodness, the finale!

What other goodness is brewing out of my retreat experience?


  • Just today, I received my copy of Havi’s Dance of Shiva Starter Kit.  Can’t wait to see what trying this at home will let loose!  Here’s a picture of us dancing on retreat. 


  • I had a mini-retreat last weekend with my dear friend, Christy.  We sat on her back porch and talked for hours.  Celebrated her new house as well as epiphanies I had on retreat.  And we woke-up and painted over breakfast!  How fun is that?
  • I’ve written a manifesto of self-caring for advocates.  I am eager to see how this wants to germinate; I’m not sure if it is part of my advocacy manual or something else entirely.    
  • All kinds of yummy work is brewing…I’m preparing finishing touches to a teleclass I’m leading on Red Tent Renewal, which should be very fun!  And, I’ve been asked to help lead a weekend retreat for formerly incarcerated battered women. 
  • I’ve been pondering Havi’s notion of internal sovereignty.  Of not fighting inside myself.  Of gently noticing, befriending the discomforts. 
  • I’m playing more.  From painting to picnicking, from giggling and twittering.
  • I’m loving lots.  Falling asleep holding hands with Harper.  Snuggling with Joe in the morning.  Visiting with family.  Phoning dear friends.
  • I just bought Amanda Soule’s new book, Handmade Home, and received the new issue of WorldPulse’s magazine.  (Yes, I’m still a sucker for the printed word.  I just love the weight of a book in hand!)  What fun this weekend will be to explore both publications–they are both juicy reading and yummy eye candy!

So the retreat energy continues to spin through me.  And I feel blessed.

How are you ready to retreat?  What goodness is ready to manifest…by you creating the sacred time and space to let it in?

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