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Have you heard of Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA?  It’s when a farm sells shares to other folks of their harvest and the folks then receive a bundle of produce on a regular basis.  Often, farmers include extra goodies like flowers, herbs, and even things like salsa.  For the last two summers, we’ve had a CSA membership.  It’s been great fun to see what treats will arrive in our basket each week.  And how I must adjust my grocery list based on what has unexpectedly arrived!  I’ve learned how to cook beets, okra, even kale.  We’ve figured out how to make pesto by the bag and freeze for winter pastas.  And about this time each season I tend to make gazpacho and panzanella salad over and over and over.  I just can’t get enough of those cucumbers and tomatoes!  For an amazing list of recipes, check out 100 Cookbooks

Last night was pick-up time and this week we’ll enjoy basil, green beans, squash, onion, beets, cucumbers…am I forgetting something?  We already enjoyed grilled zucchini along with tabbouleh (did I mention how much I love cucumbers?) and grilled fish. 

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There’s something about supporting a local farmer and eating fresh from the ground veggies that makes my heart happy.  We found our farm, Facing West Farm, through a friend this year but they are also listed online at Local Harvest.  You can find more information about CSAs as well as farms close to you.  Go explore!

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