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Summertime has overtaken things a bit around here in the last few weeks.  And as each day passes, I’ve been thinking of more things I needed to post.  I’ve been feeling the pressure of catching up.  And that’s just not what summertime is about.  So I’ve decided to take my own advice and give myself permission.  To breathe.  To love all that is swirling about.  To play messy with this post.  To let go of the nagging voice in my head that says I should have already written about this and that and the other.  What has been renewing as of late? 

  • summer teeball and peanut butter and jelly sandwich picnics before the game 
  • a holiday party with my folks to play games, eat barbecue, and watch fireworks (Harper fell asleep during the fireworks if that tells you anything!)
  • Yogi Detox tea and hot yoga during my yearly clean-eating cleanse
  • beach novels (even if we’re not at the beach just yet!)
  • fresh veggies from our CSA membership
  • a soiree with neighbors where I met so many cool people who live nearby
  • a few surprise dates with my hubby while Harper is at Grammy’s house
  • fresh muesli with summer berries

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How have you been renewing this summer?

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