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Jullien’s Passion

Earlier this week, I had the treat of meeting Jullien at Department for Motivated Vehicles.  He is fired up about motivating others to find their passion!  Below is an article by Jullien that describe his programs.  Enjoy!

8 Cylinders of Success by Jullien Gordon

Our life is our vehicle to design, drive, and maintain.  Unfortunately, many people end up back-seat driving through life and telling others what to do or they end up driving someone else’s vehicle (company, vision, dream) without ever getting in the driver’s seat of their own life.  It’s time to take back control and renew our license to live.

We tend to take better care of our cars than we do our own lives. We take them in for oil changes, but how often do we clean up the inner turm-oil in our own lives?  We take them in for tire alignment, but how often do we make sure that our goals are aligned with our desired destination? The belief “If it isn’t broke, then don’t fix it” has probably cost people more in the long-run with their cars and lives than someone who believes in regular maintenance. 

Even with a powerful vehicle, sometimes we get lost on the journey of life.  Whereas we can plan a cross-country trip using the directions from Google Maps and be 99% certain that the roads will be there, the same isn’t true with the journey of life.  In life, the world map is evolving and changing so rapidly that 5-year plans don’t work the way they used to work.  In less than a year, the industry you prepared to spend your life working in can disappear.  In this world, we need direction instead of directions.  A set of directions is one way to get to where you’re going, but direction keeps you in alignment even when the directions fail.

Everyone should have a personal GPS system to navigate their life.  Even when plans change and detours occur, a vehicle with a GPS system is able to find alternative ways to reach its destination.  When you’re lost, the GPS system simply recalibrates and creates a new way to get where you want to go. Our life purpose works just like a GPS system.  When we feel lost, we can check in with it to identify where we are in relationship to where we want to go, and create a new way to get there in the moment.

The 8 Cylinders of SuccessTM is a framework created by the leadership team of Department of Motivated Vehicles to help individuals, teams, and organizations discover their GPS system and align their lives with their purpose. It is based on the in depth study of some of the world’s most successful people and companies. The framework is also supported by academic research in positive psychology, self-efficacy, optimal performance, and organizational behavior. Together, the 8 Cylinders of SuccessTM will help you craft a powerful purpose statement to guide your daily and major decisions so that you can live a purpose-filled life full of happiness and success.

Part 1: Your Origin = Where am I?

1. Principles = Your dashboard
How do I measure success?

2. Passions = Your keys
What activities do I love doing?

3. Problems = Your fuel
What social, scientific, technical, and/or personal question or pain do I want to solve?

4. People = Your motor
Who do I want to serve and where?

Part 2: Your Destine-nation = Where am I going?

5. Positioning = Your lane
What do I want to be #1 in the world at?

6. Pioneers = Your pacesetters
Who are my models? Mentors? Guides?

7. Picture = Your road map
What’s my vision for my life?

8. Possibility = Your momentum
What is in-possible in the world with me that would be im-possible without me?

Take 30 minutes to write down your answers to these questions above and compare your answers with how you’re living today.  Identify where you’re in alignment and where you’re out of alignment and create ways to address any inconsistencies.  Knowing what motivates you and why will allow you to move towards alignment with each choice you make so that you can reach your highest personal velocity and achieve everything you want with the life that you have. 

For more information about Jullien’s coaching or consulting on the 8 Cylinders of SuccessTM visit or email directly.

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