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I’ve been meandering around the blogosphere for the last few weeks as I get my feet wet as a newbie blogger.  What incredibly gifted and inspiring people are out there…sharing their thoughts, questions and creations with us! 

I’m taking great comfort in knowing that other women are sharing their hearts with the world.  Many of them are mamas creating work they love while balancing their energies for family and community.  Many of them have multiple projects simmering at once.  Some are in business, some are artists, others are stay-at-home mamas and others work day jobs while crafting on etsy.  All of them are living out loud…their stories, their passions, their vision, their questions, and their balancing acts.

Here is a random sample in no particular order of the inspiring women I am discovering; I hope you delight in them as much as I am…and know we do indeed have a tribe of like-minded souls around us!

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