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Renewal Out and About

This morning, I enjoyed hosting an exhibit booth at the Women’s Health Fair sponsored by Family Scholar House here in Louisville.  I had so much fun creating a booth of information and–hopefully–inspiration. 

may2 023

Visitors especially loved the books Soul Support by Deb Koffman, Succulent Wild Woman by SARK, and The Creative Family by Amanda Soule.  My friend and colleague Laura from the University of Louisville Counseling Center asked if all life coaches are trained to clap their hands in excitement.  I just couldn’t help myself when someone would pull one of my renewal cards and the message would be just perfect.  Divine, I tell you!  Here’s a picture of the mini cards I created on renewal:

may 015

And here’s Laura at her booth:

may2 028

For me, it was nice to simply be out and about, as well as meet up with like-minded women.  Spending most days on my phone or computer in my home office, this was quite a treat to engage with others live and to have some fun.  I actually posted the words “Not Alone Anymore” on my business plan collage so here I go living into that!   

What else will be renewing today?

  • attending my weekly yoga class at Infinite Bliss Yoga
  • pondering homework questions from my coaching session last night with my own coach, Lerae
  • dawdling over the results show of American Idol tonight with my hubby

What about you?

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